Camden M. Praisner (born March 17, 1999), known by YouTube fans as CMPraisner99, is a video gamer and member of Deep Sheep, a group of teenage to adult video gamers based out of Pasadena, California.

He is CACox97's childhood friend.

Biography Edit

Praisner was born in 1999 in Fulton, Maryland to Angel Praisner. He has a younger sister named Maddie (born October 16, 2004).

Praisner grew up alongside childhood friends Christopher Cox and Ben Cook.

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Deep Sheep Edit

Personal Life Edit

Praisner currently attends Resevoir High School in Fulton, Maryland.

Trivia Edit

  • In Deep Sheep, Camden's Minecraft skin is Masterchief from Halo: Reach, his favorite video game.
  • In Deep Sheep, he represents the Water biome.
  • In Deep Sheep, his object is a pumpkin.
  • In Deep Sheep, his favorite block is a pumpkin.
  • As of Season 2, he has a pirate ship based on Blackbeard's pirate ship.
  • In Deep Sheep, Camden's pets include Blackbeard the Sheep (A black sheep), who is the captain of Camden's Pirate Ship; the Sharks that surround the pirate ship (Joey, Jake, Jack and Johnny); and Porkers the Pig.
  • His grandfather was Don Praisner, a member of the Montgomery County Council.
  • Despite loving pumpkins in minecraft, he hates pumpkin pie in real life.
  • Camden's favorite Nerf gun is a Fury Fire.
  • Camden's favorite food is butterscotch donuts.
  • Camden's favorite game is Halo: Reach.
  • Camden's favorite animal is a shark.
  • Camden's favorite color is orange.
  • Camden wants to be a producer when he grows up.

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